New blog and Update!!

Hello everyone!

So this is my new blog! Its still under construction, but this will be where I update the progress of my stories, cover reveals, and post snippets!! So as this is my first post, I am going to post a small snippet of the next part of my story! So for those that have been with me since the creation of “Secrets About Becoming the Queen Of the Underworld” I want to express how thankful I am for your support. I have decided to rename the title to just “Becoming the Queen”, and this next step I’m taking is all because of you! I have other projects that I wish to pursue so I hope you stick with me!! The making of this Ebook is my thank you to you. Hopefully I’ll have it done before the end of this month!! Ok, that’s enough ramblling… this snippet is what you have been waiting for! The beginning of Chapter 4 of the newly titled “Becoming the Queen”: ((For those who are reading for the first time, this is the story of Persephone in her POV. From the first meeting and run in she had with the dark and deadly Hades to becoming his Queen. The truth is finally revealed.) This is an raw un-beta’d snippet, please excuse any mistake! ENJOY!

“I hope you are pleased with my choice of offering. I know how awful some of the people you have to live with and see every day. A little light to brighten your darkness could not hurt.” I hear the strain in Hermes’s voice as he tries to sound as if he is talking about his next boring delivery. Hades does not respond. Instead he briefly stares at Hermes, then turns back to me. He looks down my body all the way to my toes and back up. Now I know how a goat feels like when it’s being assessed if it’s good enough as an offering to the Gods. I know I should feel disgusted but some part of me is really attracted to this strong and fearsome male.

“Is that so. So you weren’t trying to hide her presence but instead it was your plan for me to find her. I assume that’s the reason she was very willing when I approached her.” He states in his deep commanding voice. The entire time he was speaking, not once did his stare waver from mine. I assume he was hoping his answers would cause some sort of reaction from me and it worked. Both fury and embarrassment were causing my face to heat up as I heard that last sentence. Remembering how I blatantly let him have such freedom to seduce me and I even encouraged it!

His lip lifted up to one side in a smirk, probably knowing the reasons why my cheeks had reddened and the thoughts going through my mind. Pushing all my thoughts away, I lift my chin as I glare back at Hades. I don’t want him to think I’m a weak female. That I will allow him to decide what my fate will be without fighting back and I always fight back. Not waiting to hear Hermes’s response, I cut to look at Hermes before going back to the big sexy brute before me.

“I’m sorry Hermes, but I refuse to participate in whatever scheme you have come up with. I belong to no one. The only purpose I had here was completing a godly promise to a friend. My Lord, I apologize if I have offended you in any way but it wasn’t my intention. Now you two can stand around all day and chat, but I’m leaving.”

I don’t give Hermes a look as I turn to the side and head for the docks. If it comes down to it, I’ll row myself away from this place, heading straight back above to the human plane and never glancing back. I hear Hermes say my name in a nervous whisper but then shout it again when I ignored it. I’m about to reach the barrier that signifies the dock area when suddenly a huge wall of black smoke shoots upward in front of me. Shocked and frightened, I jump back and loose my footing. Landing on my ass, I stare at the thick black wall that appeared before me and runs across to hide the docks so no open gaps are present. The black smoke just shot from the ground and now all there was before me was a canvas of darkness. No part of the docks was visible.

I’m panting as I try to catch my breath and settle down from that stunt. My hands are shaking as I’m suddenly lifted by my arms and pulled against a lean chest. Looking up, I see Hermes frowning at me as he holds me steady while I straighten up. I try to step away from him but he only tightens his hands on my upper arms to keep me in place.

“There are certain rules that were established for a purpose. If I were to allow every being to leave my realm without consequence there would be no order. Hermes has stated that you had intended to be here with him as an offering…”

“Hades I said…”

“So I will trust his word. I figure this is one of the few times you have ventured away from your home, from our earlier discussion. I will give you a choice in how you can complete you punishment.”

Hermes is about to say something but I am through with people deciding things for me. I abruptly pull away and turn my fury toward Hermes as I glare at him. He surprisingly understands and shuts his mouth before he can dig a bigger hole for me. When the desire to inflict pain on both of the males has marginally subsided, I turn to Hades.

“I choose neither. I just came here to complete a promise I made to a friend that couldn’t be denied. Say that I did wait for your permission, what were the odds of it being granted to me? I doubt the outcome would have been different or am I wrong?” My voice had steadily increases with each sentence. I am no longer following any rules of etiquette when in the presence of a Ruler. To hell with it! If it’s already been decided that I am to be held prisoner, then there is no point in pretending to like it. There is a flare of heat that makes Hades’s eyes glow a brighter red before it disappears just as quick. He slowly smirks and shrugs his shoulders in response. A very unexpected reaction since the entire time I’ve been with him, he’s been very formal and closed off.

“Like I said, you can try to defend your position but I ultimately have the final say. This is my realm. You can choose to deal or suffer with what fate has dealt you. So I will ask you only once and if you answer remains the same, I will treat you as all the other that have defied me before you. I rarely if ever allow beings a choice. You can even ask Hermes, I am not a giving person. Do you understand?” I nod slowly. He is standing before me, only about a foot between us and my head is tilted so I can keep our eyes locked. I refuse to cower to this male, even though I really am terrified of what he is planning to offer me. My throat is so dry that I can’t even wet my lips. I clear my throat but my voice still comes out raspy.

“The Choices…?”

“You can come as my guest for a month or as my prisoner and be treated as such. You will have all that is allowed in either choice. Whatever choice you make, it must be sealed by eating this.” He brings his arm towards me with his palm up. His pale skin looks cold if I were to touch it. The same black smoke that created the barrier to the docks is now swirling in his outstretched palm. A sphere is being formed until solidifies. When suddenly the blackness falls and disappears leaving only a bright red pomegranate.


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